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I am Uricos “Ric”, the Founder of Project M.A.D INC. If you have come across this website, you are in a positive position to help make a difference in your community for the youth.

We are a non-profit organization focused on rebuilding and uplifting the youth in our community as well as preventing prison or premature death.

Donations acquired during the weekdays are disbursed on the weekends. Along with tangible items such as food, clothing, and hygiene supplies, we also hold informative seminars with speakers teaching and inspiring the youth. We strive to finish each encouraging speaker’s seminar with fieldtrips to sporting events, museums, or even a theme park.

Too often before we know it, many young people become gang members, drug dealers, or users, thieves, school dropout and more. Which in turn are referred to as troubled teens. Although we will never turn away from any Troubled Teen, our mission is Prevention.  Actually, We wish to prevent them from becoming trouble. We wish to help prevent convictions and immature death.

The part we humbly ask you to play in our mission is financial and tangible donations towards the missions.

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Most youth who become affiliated with gangs lack positive supports from parents, schools, peers, and community. Research also indicates a close link between gang involvement and delinquent activity such as substance use.

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712 Kasper Ave

Las Vegas NV, 89106

1 702-204-3028

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